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First meadery in Dallas-Fort Worth brews a crisp gluten-free drink

First meadery in Dallas-Fort Worth brews a crisp gluten-free drink

breaking brew meadery
Mead, so crisp. Photo courtesy of Breaking Brew

Mead is an ancient drink, but there's a brand new maker in north Texas: Breaking Brew Meadery recently opened in Farmers Branch, at 14438 Midway Rd., where it reigns as the first and only meadery in North Texas.

Most of Texas' other mead-makers are in Central Texas and other areas, but Breaking Brew is here in the DFW, in the Midway Center in northeast Farmers Branch, where it sells mead as a tipsy alternative to beer, cider, and wine.

Mead is fermented from honey, and this makes it gluten-free, which draws in the gluten-free crowd. It's a drink with a smooth, clean taste, and comes in several different styles, similar to beer and cider.

For now, Breaking Brew Meadery is selling session meads, which are lightly carbonated and served cold, by the glass.

In the near future, they'll expand their product offering to serve traditional meads and offer take-home options by growler, can, and bottle. Their meads are currently availale in their taproom only but they have plans to start supplying kegs outside the taproom in 2019.

Breaking Brew VP Gary Gordon says that mead definitely merits an upswing as a drink for everyone, and not just Vikings and lasses who wear dresses with tight-fitting bodices.

"Our meads are easy to drink, they have no GMO, and are gluten-free," Gordon says.

He also says they believe that promoting the use of honey will increase the number of apiaries, which in turn will help increase the bee population. The only problem is that the bees are working for you and you're taking their honey, so it's not such a great proposition for the bees.

But let's not dwell on the bees. There's mead to drink, and the good news is that Breaking Brew Meadery is open weekends: 4-9 pm Friday, 1-9 pm Saturday, and 1-6 pm Sunday.