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New Italian restaurant introduces Dallas to internet brunch craze

New Italian restaurant introduces Dallas to internet brunch craze

It's a pancake. It's a waffle. It's BOTH. YouTube

A former steakhouse spot in Uptown Dallas will soon be home to a glitzy new restaurant and lounge serving Italian American food. Called Pazzo Uptown, it's going into 2680 Cedar Springs Rd., in the former Place at Perry's location, and it aims to be open before the holidays.

Pazzo will be two concepts in one.

"It will be an American-Italian restaurant with a lounge attached to it, with high-energy nightlife," says spokesperson Jill Berger. "On one side, it'll be a restaurant serving casual Italian food. On the other side, there'll be a lounge. With a lounge and a restaurant under one roof, it's the best of both worlds."

They're still a little close to the vest about some details, aside from some key info on the menu. Two words: raw bar. One more word: brunch. And still one more word, which is really two words in one: panwaffle.

"There'll be a raw bar, with oysters and seafood," Berger says. "There'll be pasta and entrees, with healthy options and half sizes for pastas and salads. There'll also be an option to replace regular pasta with zucchini noodles."

Brunch will be a big deal, and will introduce a breakfast item that is totally new to Dallas Fort Worth. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the panwaffle, like a combination between a pancake and a waffle — or what the always articulate Urban Dictionary describes as what happens "when a pancake and a waffle make sweet love and have a child."

The invention of the panwaffle has been jokingly attributed to Jimmy Fallon. But it's actually a gadget created by Luke Zeutzius, a North Texas entrepreneur — which you can actually purchase, just in time for the holidays, for only $39.95. It has been an internet sensation for about a year.

Decor will be navy blue and white, with a little bit of flash: There'll be chandeliers in both lounge and restaurant. Chandeliers for you, chandeliers for me, chandeliers for everyone.