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9 Dairy Queen restaurants around Dallas-Fort Worth close abruptly

9 Dairy Queen restaurants around Dallas-Fort Worth close abruptly

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A few less Blizzards in the world. GrisWorld Fun

Nine locations of Dairy Queen have closed across Dallas-Fort Worth, including restaurants in Grand Prairie, Euless, Fort Worth, Hurst, Keller, and Roanoke.

All of the locations were owned by franchisee Lickety Split Food Services, who posted letters on the restaurants' front doors, stating that they were shutting down their entire DQ portfolio.

That included three locations in Fort Worth, two in Grand Prairie, and one each in Euless, Hurst, Keller, and Roanoke. The street addresses can be seen here.

"It is with deep regret that we have discontinued operating our Dairy Queen restaurants," the letter said. "Nothing gave us greater joy than to serve you DQ's amazing treats and eats. Thank you for the wonderful season we shared."

Lickety Split Food Services was owned by Tarrant County resident Michael Clarke, an ambitious innovator noted for his flashy, DQ-red 1956 Ford F100. Clarke installed state-of-the-art kitchens with sophisticated appliances at his locations, and was the first DQ franchisee to install self-serve kiosks.

But Lickety Split was also the subject of a lawsuit in 2017 when a diner claimed that a burger he ordered at the Fort Worth location at 6700 Bridge Rd. was moldy and made him sick.

Comments on Facebook indicated that employees were not informed ahead of time and some showed up at their place of employment to find it closed.

Beyond the "deep regret," the posted notice seemed to engage in a small bit of bragging: "Fun numbers: 9 DQ locations opened 2013-2016. 6 years and 7 months in business. 7,500,000+ customers served. 4,250,000 Blizzards flipped. Special thank you to our amazing team members who worked hard to make your DQ experience better than you remember. With gratitude, Lickety Split Food Services, LLC."

The closures leave approximately 40 locations around Dallas-Fort Worth for those seeking Hungr-Buster burgers, Country Baskets, Blizzards, Dilly Bars, and soft-serve ice cream cones.