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French dip roast beef sandwich spot debuts at Plano's food hall

French dip roast beef sandwich spot debuts at Plano's food hall

Chez Dip
Dallas' version of the French dip sandwich is coming soon. Photo by David Varley

Legacy Hall, the food hall in Plano, has added a new cuisine category to its culinary mix: the French dip sandwich.

The concept is called Chez Dip and it's from Tom Fleming, chef-owner of Crossroads Dinner in North Dallas. It'll open on December 17 at Legacy Hall, at Legacy West in Plano, where it will feature a small menu spotlighting hot roast beef and turkey sandwiches.

Located on the first floor, it will serve signature sandwiches made with Black Angus roast beef or roasted turkey. The meat will be roasted daily, and sliced to order in very thin slices, with jus on the side for dipping, as is the custom with French dip sandwiches.

Fleming says in a release that he was inspired by the hall's European style, although the French dip sandwich does originate in the US of A, despite the "French" in its name.

Its invention is attributed to Philippe Mathieu, who founded Philippe The Original French Dip Sandwiches in Los Angeles in 1918. It's an L.A. classic that is still in business today.

"I thought French dip sandwiches would be a perfect complement to its other diverse cuisine offerings," Fleming says. "Our goal is to keep it simple and do it well."

The menu is small but potent:

  • Classic French dip has black Angus beef, a baguette baked in-house, smoked Gouda cheese, pickled red onions, roasted garlic aioli, and beef jus for dipping.
  • Roasted turkey dip has turkey breast, red pepper hummus, tomato caper relish, and beef jus for dipping. If you want jus, it has to be beef.

Sandwiches will be available in two sizes: 6-inch petit baguette for $7.25-$8.25, and the 8-inch grand baguette for $11.95-$12.95.

Sandwiches will be served with a side of BĂ©arnaise potato salad or a bag of chips.