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Dallas' Velvet Taco unveils new restaurant near SMU with special perk

Dallas' Velvet Taco unveils new restaurant near SMU with special perk

Velvet Taco Austin Domain Northside
The date has arrived, let the tacos begin. Photo courtesy of Velvet Taco

Taco fans can mark their calendars: There's a date for the "SMU" location of Dallas taco-chain Velvet Taco, opening at 4622 Greenville Ave.: Monday, December 18.

This marks the fifth Velvet Taco in Texas and the sixth system-wide. This Velvet Taco will be the first to feature a take-out window, so you can order ahead and swing by the restaurant to pick it up.

As it does at other branches, the menu will explore the edge of multicultural boundaries. There will be something for every guest’s flavor profile, including vegan and gluten-free options, as well as a wide array of highlighted spices and tastes from across the globe.

Velvet Taco president Clay Dover says in a release that the chain has always wanted to expand in Dallas. "We were just waiting to find the perfect location," he says.

The menu features scratch-made everything, including corn tortillas, rotisserie meats, margaritas, and red velvet cake.

Brunch is served all day, along with such popular sides as red curry coconut queso, elote-style corn, and crisp "tots." It's known for late hours: 10 am-2 am Monday through Wednesday, 10 am-3 am Thursday, 10 am-5 am Friday, 9 am-5 am Saturday, and 9 am-2 am Sunday.

They also do Rotisserie chicken with six tortillas and corn for $20.

Velvet Taco also has locations in Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and Chicago.