Bakery Moves

Chic California bakery gives Dallas a sweet taste of its stunning layer cakes

Chic California bakery gives Dallas a taste of stunning layer cakes

California's SusieCakes brings its pretty layer cakes to Dallas. Photo courtesy of SusieCakes

A California bakery that specializes in upscale cakes and baked goods is getting its cupcake on in Dallas. Called SusieCakes, it's an all-American, "retro-chic" bakery with homestyle desserts baked from scratch.

It'll mark the brand's first foray outside California, with a branch opening in Preston Center at 6100 Luther Ln., across from Hopdoddy Burger in what was formerly a My Fit Foods.

SusieCakes was founded by Susan Sarich, a baker and caterer who opened her first store in 2006 in Brentwood, in Southern California.

The chain has grown to 18 branches, with 11 in Southern California and seven in Northern California.

The lineup of goodies includes layer cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, puddings, and bars. They're a cross of upscale and homey-sounding, such as lemon bars, whoopie pies, and banana pudding.

The most popular items are two stunning layer cakes: red velvet with white icing and the signature vanilla celebration cake, a six-layered confection with colorful sprinkles.

According to a company spokesperson, the opening will be late spring 2016.