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Dallas-Fort Worth airline crashes as one of the nation's worst

Dallas-Fort Worth airline crashes as one of the nation's worst

American Airlines new look
Frequent flyers don't favor American Airlines. Photo courtesy of American Airlines

Dallas-Fort Worth's airports certainly get a lot of love, but that admiration doesn't always extend to the airlines flying in and out of their gates. Fort Worth-based American Airlines was recently named one of the worst overall airlines for 2016.

Personal finance site WalletHub dug into government data to analyze the 10 largest U.S. airlines, as well as three regional carriers, across 13 key metrics such as canceled flights, delays, complaints, leg room, cost, and more. 

Of those 13 airlines, American Airlines ranks No. 12. Even worse, United Airlines and its Houston hub comes in dead last, at unlucky No. 13.

What's the worst part about flying American? Though it's middle of the road for reliability and canceled flights and pretty comfy during travel, American isn't a good value for budget travelers, doesn't handle pets well, and receives a lot of complaints — the third most, actually, tied with United. Spirit and Frontier hear from the most annoyed customers.

So who should you fly the friendly skies with next time? JetBlue, Delta, and Virgin Air score the highest for reliability, comfort, and overall satisfaction.