2016 Savor Dallas: The Breakfast Club featuring Waffle Wars

Savor Dallas
Photo courtesy of Savor Dallas

Waffle Wars is farm-to-table food with an edge, a sophisticated scoop of greasy-spoon deliciousness all tied up with a dash of savory snark.

Standard waffles and their fixins’ need not apply at this Breakfast Club, where creativity and taste reigns supreme. Whether it’s taco-fied, BBQ’ed, sandwiched, smoked, or confectioned, bring it on the waffle iron.

This event is three hours of nonstop fun and fellowship mixed with classic cocktails and the alluring smell of waffles done right (and a bit wacky), plus all your typical brunch favorites.

Event Details


4.10.16 | 10:30 am


3015 at Trinity Groves
3015 Gulden Ln.
Dallas, TX 75212


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