Dallas Architecture Forum presents Multi-Family Housing in Dallas

Jaime Fernandez-Duran
Jaime Fernandez-Duran Photo courtesy of Jaime Fernandez-Duran

Dallas-Fort Worth and North Texas have a current population of roughly 7.1 million people, more than double the number of residents over the last 20 years. The area is experiencing a population surge among the highest in the United States. It seems that the demand for multi-family housing in the region is almost insatiable. This also represents a shift in the type of housing that the Metroplex has historically demanded, moving from suburban single-family residences to condensed and stacked urban living.

What exactly precipitated this shift, and what does the future hold for these building types? Will suburban centers in North Texas, which have tended to hold out on such projects, be forced to begin to build multi-family style buildings due to overwhelming demand? And what happens to these buildings in the future when demand is not as high, or if the population migrates? This panel, moderated by Jaime Fernandez-Duran, will discuss these questions as well as other important considerations of the multi-family housing boom.

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6.6.17 | 6:30 pm


Dallas Black Dance Theatre
2700 Ann Williams Way
Dallas, TX 75201


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