Dallas Children's Theater presents Teen Brain: The Musical

Teen Brain, Dallas Children's Theater
Allison Borish, Sierra Stead and Rhiannon Rasor from Dallas Children's Theater's Teen Brain. Photo by Craig Lynch

Dallas Children's Theater will present Teen Brain: The Musical. This energetic musical follows a day in the life of eight young people as they navigate the rough waters of high school.

With fast-paced, witty dialogue and original songs like “Like Me, Like Me,” an ode to social media, and “When I Was Small,” a winsome reflection of the simplicity of childhood, DCT resident playwright Linda Daugherty and composer Nick Martin capture the complexities of the modern adolescent experience. An honest, powerful look at the inner workings of the mysterious teenage brain.

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3.1.15 | 4:30 pm
3.1.15 | 1:30 pm
2.28.15 | 7:30 pm
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2.27.15 | 7:30 pm
2.22.15 | 4:30 pm
2.22.15 | 1:30 pm
2.21.15 | 7:30 pm
2.20.15 | 7:30 pm


Dallas Children’s Theater
5938 Skillman St.
Dallas, TX 75231


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