Dallas VideoFest 27: White Creek

White Creek
Photo courtesy of Dallas VideoFest

Dallas VideoFest will present White Creek​. The basic story of White Creek is a family trying to survive in modern times. Yet, this film take place in an alternate universe, where modern times means modern feudalism. Instead of the brother of the family not being able to move out of his parents house, he's imprisoned in debtors prison for a labor debt he could never fulfill.

Instead of worrying about whether their kids will get into college, the main characters must live in a world without electricity or cars, slaving away in a factory that transports its goods to the people in charge. Once their brother is released from jail the worry is not whether he'll blend well with society, the problem is if he'll commit quantum suicide in order to leave this universe for the one he thinks he belongs in. This is survival for the modern family of White Creek.

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10.11.14 | 2:15 pm


Alamo Drafthouse Richardson
100 S. Central Expy. #14
Richardson, TX 75080


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