Dinner of Seven Sous

Driftwood restaurant in Dallas
Photo courtesy of Driftwood

Celebrating Dallas’ top sous chefs, Driftwood will host the Seven Sous Dinner featuring seven sous chefs from acclaimed Dallas restaurants.  The dinner will include seven-courses, each prepared by a sous chef. The participating chefs include:

·         Justin Holt, Driftwood

·         Dina Butterfield, The Mansion Restaurant

·         Misti Norris, FT33

·         Rose de la Rosa, The Joule

·         Thomas Seargeant, CBD Provisions

·         Cody Sharp, Casa Rubia

·         Gmo Tristan, formerly of Boulevardier

The dinner will include wine and beer pairings. For reservations, please call 214-942-2530.


Course 1 – Welks, Spanish Tortilla, Chicharrons, Romesco
Course 2 – Beets, Quinoa, Fennel, Citrus, Smoked Blue Cheese, Texas Honey
Course 3 – Beef Belly, Tortellini, Spicy Greens, Wild Mushrooms, Crème Fraiche
Course 4 – Beef Heart, Fermented Piquillo, Smoked Cherry Mostarda, Egg Yolk, Rye
Course 5 – East Texas Poulet, Polenta, Xocopili, Charred Cippolini relish, Brussels, Pepita
Course 6 – Kohlrabi, Goats Milk, Tea, Citrus
Course 7 – Meyer Lemon, Pistachio, Texas Huckleberry, Citrus, Almond

Event Details


2.24.14 | 7:00 pm


642 W. Davis St.
Dallas, TX 75208


Ticket Info

$120 a person