JM Gallery presents Simply Stated opening reception

JM Gallery presents Simply Stated
Voice for the Voiceless by Susan Perkins Photo courtesy of Susan Perkins

Jay Bailey, Doug Gray, and Susan Perkins work in different mediums, but they share a powerful aesthetic and vision. Each expresses volumes with just a few simple gestures. The vision they express with those gestures is one of hope in a world where people too often feel threatened and alone.

In Bailey’s paintings and drawings, line and color coalesce into uneasy, conflicted figures that we see as embodiments of the “other” but also as reflections of ourselves - despite perceived differences, the human condition is shared.

Gray creates dramatic narratives in ceramics, using abstract avian forms to express the power of human connection in the face of anxiety and the unknown.

Perkins weaves fiber and paper into clean, calligraphic forms that both represent and embody the interconnected nature of our community; a community that is at once beautiful and damaged, yet inextricably bound together.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through December 17.

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11.5.16 | 5:00 pm


JM Gallery
1722 Routh St. #106
Dallas, TX 75201


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Admission is free.