Undermain Theatre presents So Go the Ghosts of Mexico (part one) – A Brave Woman in Mexico

Undermain Theatre presents So Go the Ghosts of México
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To open its 33rd season, Undermain Theatre embarks on a trilogy of new plays exploring the U.S.-Mexico drug wars that will be produced over the course of the next three seasons. So Go the Ghosts of Mexico (part one) – A Brave Woman in Mexico will be produced at Undermain’s home. The playwright will be in attendance on opening day.

The play is about a 22-year-old woman who volunteers to replace a murdered police chief in the small border town of Praxedis, Mexico, when nobody else is willing to accept the position only to have her own life threatened. Her actions set off a chain of reactions for her husband, and perhaps the entire country of Mexico.

So Go the Ghosts of Mexico (part one) is the first installment of a three-play cycle delving into the U.S./México drug wars. It was selected by American Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatist Sam Shepard as the inaugural play of the first-ever Ellen Stewart Award — named after the famed founder and director of La MaMa. Matthew Paul Olmos has fashioned these events into a poetic, nightmare-land where the dream world and the real world intertwine and the legion of dead from the drug wars return to speak.

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10.8.16 | 8:15 pm
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10.7.16 | 8:15 pm
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10.6.16 | 7:30 pm
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9.30.16 | 8:15 pm
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