WingSpan Theatre Company presents Ropes & Stone

WingSpan Theatre Company presents Ropes & Stones
Photo courtesy of WingSpan Theatre Company

WingSpan Theatre Company, in cooperation with The Bath House Cultural Center/The Office of Cultural Affairs, will present a two day staged reading of a new play entitled Ropes & Stone by emerging Dallas playwright, Arnold Shelby. This “hot off the press” new play has been taken under the wing for the first public workshop.

Derek Ropes and Judy Stone are both successful New York City artists in their mid-sixties. They have shared a progressive relationship for over 40 years. Judy Stone was a musical icon until she retired to paint. However, Judy is considering the possibility of resurrecting her musical career. On the brink of this marked change, a mammoth storm is rolling into New York City. Derek and Judy are isolated in their loft apartment and forced to face the tempest head on and grapple with the next chapter of their lives.

Event Details


4.12.14 | 7:30 pm
4.11.14 | 7:30 pm


521 E. Lawther Dr.
Dallas, TX 75218


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Admission is pay-what-you-can.