Zhen Music and Art Institute presents Visions opening reception

Zhen Music and Arts Institute presents Visions
Photo courtesy of Zhen Music and Arts Institute

Zhen Music and Art Institute will present Visions, a collection of original pieces by Dallas artists David Rubin and Lizzie Bailey.

Bailey, a self-taught artist, began her career a scant four years ago, doing works for local designers on a commission basis. As word of mouth spread, Bailey found herself doing commissions for people who wanted to have original contemporary works designed exclusively for them. She finds her inspiration in textile patters and different fabric colors, and prefers acrylics and mixed media to translate her vision.

Rubin is a photographer showing for the second time at Zhen. He travels the world over capturing life's moments rarely seen by others. His works range from landscapes to city drama, and always with a twist. Rubin will exhibit his original photographs using various media, including paper, acrylic and metal, expanding his unique vision.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through January 31.

Event Details


11.6.14 | 7:00 pm


4901 W. Lovers Ln.
Dallas, TX 75209