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Texas A&M's Kyle Field and adjacent buildings are evacuated after mysterious bomb threat

After receiving a bomb threat, Texas A&M University has evacuated and closed Kyle Field for the remainder of Wednesday while law enforcement officials conduct a thorough search of the facility.

Authorities were notified of the threat just before 11 am, when a report was made about a message written on the wall of a non-academic building located on campus. Security officials quickly evacuated the stadium as well as multiple nearby buildings, including Reed Building, G. Rollie White, Neetum Steed and the Bright Athletics complex.

An investigation is ongoing, according to a 1:28 pm post on the university's website. Federal agents have been contacted to assist with the search. 

Home of the Aggie football team since it was built in the late 1920s, historic Kyle Field is slated to undergo a $425 million expansion and renovation that could increase seating up to 102,000. The stadium currently holds 82,000, although a stadium record of 90,079 attended the 2010 Nebraska game.

Check back with CultureMap as more details emerge.

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