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Dallas police reveal disturbing new details about shooting death of car chase suspect

Police reveal disturbing new details about death of car chase suspect

Southwest Center Mall
Dallas police units flocked to the scene of a SWAT standoff at Southwest Center Mall. Photo courtesy of

Dallas police have released new information in the shooting death of an armed man in a mall parking lot on April 21. Michael Mayo, a 30-year-old white male, was shot and killed by police when he allegedly pointed a weapon at officers.

According to police, Mayo first aroused suspicion while parked outside a motel in the 3300 block of Marvin D. Love Freeway. Mayo and a woman were believed to be smoking marijuana in the vehicle. Police ran a check on the couple and discovered Mayo had active felony warrants.

 Police say Michael Mayo nearly struck an officer with his car during the getaway.

When police backup arrived, Mayo started to drive away, and his female companion jumped out of the car. During his getaway, police say that Mayo nearly struck an officer with the car.

For about 30 minutes, Mayo toyed with the officers, pretending to stop and submit to arrest before starting up his car again and taking off. Around 2 pm, Mayo parked at Southwest Center Mall. Dallas SWAT unit arrived on the scene and attempted to negotiate with the armed suspect.

"Officers tried to get the suspect to surrender, but he got out with a gun pointed to his head," reads a police statement on the incident.

Police requested a flight restriction in the area and asked media helicopters to back away from the scene. Shortly after that directive, the suspect got back into his car. SWAT continued to attempt to negotiate with Mayo, and he exited his vehicle once more.

According to police, Mayo pulled out his gun and pointed it in their direction, drawing fire from the officers. Mayo was pronounced dead around 2:30 pm. No other injuries were reported. Lt. Max Geron said the incident would be investigated as an officer-involved shooting.