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Chemical spill closes I-45, causes evacuation at Baylor Hospital in Dallas

Chemical spill closes I-45, causes evacuation at Baylor ER in Dallas

UPDATE: The name of the chemical has been released. The story has been updated to reflect this new information.


An 18-wheeler hauling chemicals crashed near Corsicana, closing Interstate 45 in both directions and later prompting an evacuation of the Emergency Room at Baylor Hospital. Video footage of the crash scene revealed a yellow substance covering the roadway and reports quickly surfaced of a potentially hazardous chemical spill.

The Dallas Fire-Rescue hazardous material team was called to Baylor Hospital around 1 pm June 20, after a victim from the crash arrived at the hospital located in the 3500 block of Gaston Avenue. Ambulances en route to Baylor Hospital were diverted to other facilities to avoid any potential cross-contamination. 

After conducting an investigation, the HazMat team determined the chemical was not dangerous. Dallas-Fire Rescue spokesman Jason Evans says the victim was exposed to Aluminum Chlorohydrate, a non-hazardous chemical used in deodorants and the water purification process. 

Texas Department of Transportation expects Interstate 45 to remain closed until at least 5 pm but the ER at Baylor is back up and running. Baylor Hospital spokesperson Susan Hall said the Dallas Fire Department has cleared the area and ambulances are no longer being diverted.

"Everything is fine," Hall said. "There was no hazardous material and no patient care was touched by this." 

An 18-wheeler carrying hazardous chemicals crashed near Corsicana on June 20
An 18-wheeler carrying chemicals crashed near Corsicana on June 20. Photo by Joel Bargas/DFW Scanner
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