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Frisco police find two dead bodies at home where 10-year-old boy died in January

Frisco police find two dead bodies at home where boy died in January

UPDATE: Frisco police have confirmed that the deceased are Pallavi and Sumeet Dhawan.


Frisco police are reporting that two dead bodies have been found at a home in the 15000 block of Mountain View Lane in the Hunter's Creek neighborhood. The upscale home is the same location where 10-year-old Arnav Dhawan was found dead on January 29.

His mother, Pallavi Dhawan, was charged with murder in a confusing case that involved a language barrier, Hindu religious customs and a rare brain condition. Frisco police declined to identify the bodies, and calls to the Collin County Medical Examiner were not immediately returned. 

According to police, someone called 911 to report a possible drowning around 3:30 pm September 3. Officers found a dead person in the pool and another body inside the home. 

Through their attorney David Finn, Pallavi Dhawan and her husband, Sumeet, had previously denied that the woman had anything to do with Arnav's death. 

Sumeet called police to the family home in the 15000 block of Mountain View Lane when he couldn't find his wife and son after returning from a business trip. While Sumeet was meeting with police, Pallavi arrived back home and told police that their son was in the bedroom.

Police found Arnav in the bathtub with a cloth wrapped around his neck and plastic bags floating in the water. Finn says the bags had been filled with ice to preserve Arnav's body until Sumeet returned home to give him "final blessing," a sacred rite in the Hindu faith that can only be performed by a male relative.

"It's complicated. It's nuanced. It's tragic," Finn said at the time of Arnav's death. "I know it looks suspicious, particularly through the American prism, but that doesn't mean she's a murderer."

The Collin County Medical Examiner believed the cause of Arnav's death was natural, though the ruling wasn't definitive because his body had already started decomposing. A grand jury investigation had recently begun in the case. Pallavi hadn't been indicted. 

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Frisco police are investigating two more deaths in the 15000 block of Mountain View Lane.