Best Local Gifts

Shop local and give new meaning to home-made gifts this holiday

holiday read between the lines
Photo courtesy of Read Between The Lines
I Faked It Necklace by Erin Stafford
Photo courtesy of Red Arrow Contemporary
Niven Morgan winter fig
Photo courtesy of Stanley Korshak
Tumtee t-shirt at Nasher holiday store at NorthPark
Photo courtesy of Tumtee
Alison Jardine, Dallas Arboretum
Photo courtesy of Alison Jardine
B. Stellar earrings
Photo courtesy of B. Stellar
Metta by Jessica Jesse
Photo courtesy of Pure Sculpture
Photo by Daniel Musomba

Ready or not, the holidays are here, and that means you have some shopping to do. Luckily we put together this handy holiday gift guide for those who prefer to shop local.


Read Between The Lines

We love the cheeky phrases on the 16-by-20 prints and greeting cards from this company founded by Dallasite Melinda Jones. Whether you want an original card to enclose in another gift or a fun, affordable print to stand on its own, you can find everyday and holiday-themed varieties Scardello, Missing Q Press, Bishop Arts boutique Neighborhood or online.


I Faked It! Necklace

For the girl with a sense of a humor — and confident style — we love this kitschy necklace by Dallas-based artist Erin Stafford, which is among the treasures to discover at the gift shop at Red Arrow Contemporary in the Dallas Design District.

Better news: The gift shop is having a sale, so what was once $200 is now $150. You're welcome.

Niven Morgan

Over the last 15 years, Niven Morgan has built a loyal following for his collection of candles, soaps, lotions and home fragrances in the most unforgettable scents. We've been gifting these for years to the delight of the recipients on our lists.

Morgan does not disappoint with this North Pole-inspired holiday favorite with hints of fern needle, clove and fresh fig. Or choose from his classic Blue or Gold lines.

Niven Morgan products are available at Stanley Korshak and Neiman Marcus.

Tumtee Close Knits

Make sure the mommy on your list is one of the first in Dallas to sport a T-shirt from Tumtee Close Knits, a just-launched company from Nasher publicist Kristen Gibbins and graphic designer Lindsey Croley.

The shirts are not only colorful but also tactile, so they attract a baby’s attention and keep him or her engaged with Mom, especially during the all-important tummy time. The $38 price tag includes an original nursery rhyme.

Buy online or at the Nasher holiday pop-up shop at NorthPark Center.

Alison Jardine

Treat someone who's been especially nice this year to an original work of art by Dallas Arboretum artist-in-residence Alison Jardine, who works out of her studio at the Continental Gin Building.

Jardine, who originally hails from England, expresses her fascination with nature and light through colorful, abstract oil paintings inspired by her sunny Texas surroundings.

You can purchase a piece through her website.

Kale Naturals

Although two Dallas women created this fresh, chemical-free skincare line — some of our favorite homegrown bath and beauty products — it is geared toward men.

Products are made with natural ingredients such as sustainable bamboo, Irish moss, citrus extracts and blue agave. Choose from shave gels, facial washes or 3-in-1 wash for the sports enthusiast.

The Kale Naturals line is available at Neiman Marcus, Pockets Menswear or Nordstrom.

B. Stellar

Two longtime Texas friends, bonded through a love for fashion and art, collaborate on this jewelry line. Nancy Koen runs the business in Dallas, while Austinite Misty Incontrera turns out nature-inspired designs that are both edgy and delicate. Each piece is one-of-a-kind by nature.

Shop for the jewelry locally at Sussie’s in Frisco or St. Michaels Woman's Exchange in Highland Park Village.

Little Day Dresses

For the girl who doesn't need a special occasion to don a dress, look no further than new online shop Little Day Dresses, a collaboration between Dallasite Kristen DeRocha and Austinite Vesta Garcia.

Styles have a retro feel, and each frock is cut and sewn to order and shipped directly to the buyer. Because Little Day Dresses uses the finest, small-batch, American-made fabrics and materials, quantities of each style are limited. Sizes range from 0-22, and no dress is more than $150.

Pure Sculpture

Pure aims to make fine art more accessible by transforming the way sculpture is sought, sold and appreciated. To that end, the Dallas-based company connects artists and collectors in a more approachable way.

Shop for pieces ranging from Brad Oldham's whimsical Bipartisan Series to unique, organically shaped vessels that hold blooms or stand on their own from Jessica Jesse's Effloresco Collection (pictured).


When you buy a dress shirt from Dallas-based Mizzen+Main, you accomplish two goals. One, you gift the man in your life with a snazzy, low-maintenance dress shirt made from moisture-wicking fabric that keeps him dry and cool. Two, you help the company fulfill its mission to help American heroes make the transition from military service to workforce.

The shirts, available in a variety of colors, can be purchased online or at WAREhaus in West Village.