Conan O'Brien Says Goodbye

Conan O'Brien brings back Walker, Texas Ranger clips for last and best Dallas show

Conan brings back Walker, Texas Ranger for last and best Dallas show

Conan O'Brien in Dallas
Conan O'Brien's four-show run in Dallas came to a hilarious close on Thursday night. Photo courtesy of TBS
Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley was his usual hilarious self when he appeared on Conan in Dallas. Photo by Gallery 2 Images
Conan O'Brien in Dallas
Charles Barkley

Maybe it was because this was Conan O'Brien's last show in Dallas before heading back to Los Angeles, but Thursday's edition of Conan was the most entertaining one during his four-day stint in the area. The monologue was helped by a bit of impromptu back and forth with an effusive man in the front row whose booing skills were a bit suspect:

There was no remote bit featuring O'Brien interacting with Texans, but what took its place was arguably immensely better: The return of ridiculous out-of-context clips of Walker, Texas Ranger, which O'Brien introduces by pulling a special lever.

The segment, only available on the Team Coco site as part of the full episode (fast forward to 6:40), included an appearance by four Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and clips that Conan devotees remember well.

A skit involving made-up Texas mascots trying to dunk a basketball was inane but still fun:

The always entertaining Charles Barkley was the main guest, and he didn't disappoint with stories about his on- and off-air rivalry with Shaquille O'Neal and how Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are some of the worst tippers in the world:

The final full court shots of random objects at AT&T Stadium included an original Texas Instruments calculator and a Washington Redskins fan:

Lyle Lovett closed things out with a performance of "That's Right (You're Not from Texas)":