Get the Dugg Out!

New Casa Linda burger joint hopes Dallas digs innovation

New Casa Linda burger joint hopes Dallas digs innovation

Dugg Burger logo
Dugg Burger will open in Casa Linda Plaza in February. Photo courtesy of Dugg

A new place called Dugg Burger, opening in Casa Linda Plaza, plans to introduce an "innovative way of thinking about burgers." The innovation? Digging out the top portion of the bun.

"Rather than starting with the patty and then adding toppings, the Dugg team will fill the 'dugg out' bun with toppings chosen by guests in a build-as-you-go fashion," reads a release.

The burger patty is added after all of the ingredients are selected, a process that they say "eliminates the wait that is customary at other burger restaurants." Is there a customary wait at other burger restaurants?

There are 12 toppings, including hickory-smoked bacon, mushrooms, caramelized onions and jalapeños. A 13th ingredient is chosen by guests and will rotate throughout the year.

But there's more than burgers at Dugg. There are fries and drinks. And beer. Plus a dessert: bread pudding made from the discarded portions of the hamburger buns.

Dugg Burger even has a philosophy: It "emphasizes guest customization while keeping pace with our fast-moving, food-loving society." Founders Jeff Braunstein, Martin Hennessy and Scott Spence have "over 50 years of collective experience at some of the biggest restaurant companies in the world," including Taco Bell.

Dugg Burger is going into the old Quizno's space at Casa Linda Plaza, at the northeast corner of Garland Road and Buckner Boulevard. Opening is set for February.