Cowboys Dropping Like Flies

Another major injury leaves little hope for Dallas Cowboys defense

Another major injury leaves little hope for Dallas Cowboys defense

The Dallas Cowboys defense really didn’t need any more bad news. The unit had already lost Sean Lee, their top linebacker, for the season due to a knee injury. Couple that with the departures of 2013 sack leader Jason Hatcher to Washington and all-time Cowboys great DeMarcus Ware to Denver, and the worst defense in the league is already in critical condition.

The news did, however, get much worse as second-round pick DeMarcus Lawrence broke his foot this week and will be sidelined for at least two months. Dallas was counting on Lawrence to fill in the gaping pass rusher hole that flew off to Denver with Ware.

Without Lawrence, the Cowboys will once again have to scour the free-agent wire, other teams’ castoffs and the local Home Depot to find warm bodies that might fit in on their defense.

The saddest part of this story is that this situation is one many football fans saw coming. In fact, I wrote an article during the draft back in May about how Dallas owner Jerry Jones is too careless with his draft picks. The problem isn’t that Lawrence was a bad pick; he could very be a very special athlete for the Cowboys in the future. Jerry Jones, however, gave up two high draft picks to move up and snag Lawrence, and he is only one man.

Dallas has at least four or five spots they need to upgrade on this putrid defense due to the fact that Jones keeps giving up multiple draft picks for single players. Morris Claiborne, another player Jones cast off multiple high draft picks to acquire, has an injured knee, though he’s expected to return soon.

Lawrence is gone for months, and the Cowboys have to hope they stumble across another great pass rusher, or the 2014 season could be another exercise in futility as the defense gives away more points in record-shattering gobs. 

Demarcus Lawrence
DeMarcus Lawrence will be sidelined for at least two months due to a foot injury. Photo courtesy of Dallas Cowboys