Is It Football Season Yet?

New commercials with Troy Aikman and Johnny Manziel make us long for NFL kickoff

New commercials with Aikman and Manziel make us long for NFL kickoff

When the NFL season starts, everyone from the players to the commentators puts in overtime. But in the offseason, however, they are free to pursue other interests.

If you believe the messages from Fox Sports and Snickers, then Troy Aikman and Johnny Manziel would have had very different lives outside of their football careers. 

Johnny Manziel has no shortage of extracurricular activities, but his first major commercial shows off a new side of the Heisman Trophy-winning party boy: aerobics instructor.

Leading a class full of middle-aged women, Johnny JamBoogie encourages his students to "work those thighs" before his teammate restores Johnny Football with a Snickers. 

Dallas resident Troy Aikman would be equally lost with football, it would seem. The Fox Sports commercial imagines a new career for the Hall of Fame quarterback-turned-commentator as a telenovela actor. The cheesy mustache is a nice touch, even if his Spanish is a little rusty. 

If watching these skilled athletes make fools of themselves has taught us anything, it's that football season can't come soon enough. 

Johnny Manziel Snickers commercial
Johnny JamBoogie doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
Troy Aikman with a mustache
Troy Aikman as a telenovela actor.