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Edgy Dallas theater company dabbles with water and food in new season

Edgy Dallas theater company dabbles with water and food in new season

"Persephone" by PrismCo
Persephone will open PrismCo's new season. Photo courtesy of PrismCo

Avant-garde theater company PrismCo has been steadily gaining momentum since its founding by Jeffrey Colangelo and Katy Tye in 2012. In previous years, the company has created works that playfully incorporate paint, sand and even aerial silks, so it only seems natural that it would continue to seek out more unusual storytelling tools.

For its 2015-16 season, Prism is once again blending myth with fantasy and melding dance with theater. First up is Persephone, a retelling of the Greek myth about the young woman who's forced to spend half the year with Hades as queen of the underworld.

Prism will use modern dance and shadow work to illustrate the conflict Persephone feels for the two realms, one of which promises power and newfound love while the other holds her mother and family. Opening night is October 31, and there will be a costume contest and Halloween party following the performance. If you're already spoken for on All Hallow's Eve, the show continues through November 15 at the Green Ware House near Trinity Groves.

In February, PrismCo will once again team up with Cara Mia Theatre Co. for the latter's Festival of New Works. Last year we were treated to tons (literally) of sand and some pretty cool masks in Teotl: The Sand Show. This year it's Gog and Magog: Two Demons Trapped in Clown, two inept creatures trying miserably to cook their way out of Hell's kitchen.

Food and kitchenware will be the tools of this irreverent new piece, which will play the Latino Cultural Center February 20 through March 5.

With only the tantalizing promise of "April" for its last show, PrismCo sounds like it will be pulling out the big guns — and by big guns, I mean lots of water. Described as a "tavern show," The Watering Hole will use pool toys and water to help its performers channel beasts of the African savannah within the Green Ware House.

What happens when a zebra and a gazelle walk into a bar? You'll find out in April.