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Dallas driver gets side-swiped and shot at in road rage incident

Dallas driver gets side-swiped and shot at in road rage incident

Keep an eye on those silver trucks. Photo by Kevin McCauley

A minor traffic accident on the LBJ Freeway service road in northeast Dallas turned into an episode of road rage that ended up with a driver being hospitalized.

According to the Dallas Police Department, the encounter took place on January 2, at about 4:30 am, which is never a good time for anything.

A motorist in a white sedan, aka the victim, was headed westbound on the LBJ Freeway service road at Abrams Road, in the center lane.

A second motorist in a silver truck, aka the suspect, was next to the victim, in the right-turn-only lane. But the suspect kept driving straight instead of turning right. In doing so, he side-swiped the victim's car.

The victim followed the silver truck, ostensibly to get the license plate. The victim got in front of the suspect and blocked him at a traffic light at Greenville Avenue.

That provoked the suspect into driving up on the sidewalk to get around the victim. Both victim and suspect turned right onto Greenville Avenue.

At that point, the suspect flashed a handgun, then stopped at intersection of Greenville Avenue and Amberton Parkway. The victim was driving behind the suspect. He turned on his bright headlights to get the license plate. The suspect leaned out of the truck's driver's window and shot at the sedan, grazing the sedan driver on the right side of his head.

The suspect then fled the location. The victim ended up at the RaceTrac at 12250 Greenville Ave., and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

According to the DPD, this is an on-going investigation. The suspect has not been arrested, and if you see a silver truck with sideswipe damage, call the Dallas Police Department.