City News Roundup

Get your two cents in on Fair Park and more news from Dallas this week

Get your two cents in on Fair Park and more news from Dallas this week

Fair Park Hall of State
Here's your chance to get your two cents in about what should happen to Fair Park. Photo by Conner Howell

Things we learned in Dallas this week included the news that Dallas has a whitewater feature, Delta might help our airline fares, and Fair Park will host a meetup. Here's the top news from Dallas:

Standing wave
This was the week of the Dallas wave, aka the "standing wave," aka a whitewater amusement in the Trinity River, which was suddenly deemed a serious threat. The wave was built in 2011 under dubious circumstances and shut down because it was found to be unsafe. In December 2015, the Army Corps of Engineers abruptly sent a letter to the city, calling for either a $5 million repair or a $3 million dismantling.

While that's bad enough, the letter then got overlooked, then holidays and stuff. While that's also bad, the city staff then pulled a sleazy move on the city council, demanding the council decide what to do right away, and also threatening the council not to make any of it public. Fortunately, the city council balked.

Council member Scott Griggs called it "an abuse of the attorney-client privilege." Philip Kingston wondered if the city should part ways with Corps altogether.

Toll road toll
One of the selling points of the Trinity toll road has been its power to alleviate congestion and improve life for drivers. But according to traffic estimates, the toll road will actually increase the amount of miles driven. Urban planning experts say that, basically, the more roads you build, the more people will drive.

According to North Texas traffic projections for 2035, says writer Brandon Formby, "motorists who use roads in the area would drive 8 million miles a day if Trinity Parkway is built. But they’ll only drive 7 million miles a day that same year if it isn't."

And even if they're not stuck in traffic, they'll actually spend more time on the road.

Benefits of competition
Airfares at Dallas Love Field and Dallas/Fort Worth Airport have decreased following the lifting of the restrictions of the Wright Amendment. Dallas Love Field saw a 25 percent drop in the price of flights to Atlanta, and DFW saw a 17 percent drop in the price of flights to Chicago O’Hare. The figures came from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Fair Park public meeting
Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has called a special meeting to discuss the future of Fair Park. The meeting takes place at the Hall of State at Fair Park on February 8 from 5-7 pm. If members of the public want to speak, they need to sign up with the city secretary's office  by 3 pm on February 8. Rawlings' memo says that "this meeting is being held solely for the purpose of gathering feedback regarding the future of Fair Park from interested residents," and that "the Council will take no action."