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Dallas outranks nearly every other U.S. city for family friendliness

Dallas outranks nearly every other U.S. city for family friendliness

DMA kids' craft table
Dallas is one of America's top cities for young families. Photo by WJNPHOTO

Raising kids is one of life's most rewarding journeys. And if you live in Dallas, you're off to a great start, as we've been named one of the best city for young families. 

Personal finance website ValuePenguin determined the family-friendly spots by analyzing 16 key metrics that fit into five categories: for working parents, for buying or renting a home, for education and environment, for the outdoors, and for safety and healthcare. Of the 156 cities studied, Dallas ranks No. 5.

Dallas ranks No. 13 for outdoor activities, our highest individual score, as the mild weather and proximity of sports stadiums encourage kids to get outside.

For working parents, Dallas ranks 26th, with the unemployment rate coming in much better than the national average. We rank No. 15 for education and environment, where contributing factors include a high percentage of kids in the population and high state university rankings.

There's no doubt that Dallas is a desirable place to live, but we oddly lose some points on affordability. We rank No. 79 in the real estate category mainly because of real estate taxes.

Our lowest mark, however, is in the safety and healthcare category. Our No. 129 ranking is due to higher crime rates and lower hospital ratings.

Dallas is not the only Texas hot spot for young families. Austin takes the No. 1 spot, followed by Houston at No. 2. San Antonio lands at No. 14.