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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's top 5 excuses to blame for the power outage

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's top 5 excuses to blame for the power outage

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It's the windmills' fault. My Canyon Lake

Texas is still in a deep freeze and isn't forecast to get out of it until Friday, February 19. With millions still huddled, without power, finding someone to blame is the only sport left.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is doing his best to make sure he isn't the one.

Criticism was initially aimed at ERCOT, aka The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the state organization in charge of the power grid. But as ERCOT has made its operations more transparent, the blame is shifting upwards, to The Texas Railroad Commission, the body that regulates oil and gas, and even Governor Greg Abbott.

Abbott bounced the ball back to ERCOT, calling for an investigation, then jumped on Fox News to blame whoever was closest. On Fox News, that means Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the state representative from New York, who has been a proponent of the U.S. adopting a "Green New Deal" renewable energy policy.

Abbott blamed the outages on wind turbine failures, despite ERCOT's data that the outages were due to Texas' reliance on natural gas, and the state's failure to winterize pipelines that transport fossil fuel. (Renewable energy contributed to only 13 percent of the power outages.)

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough said that Abbott was "lying through his teeth" about the power failure. His co-host Willie Geist called it a "strange, strange instinct" for Abbott to "rush onto Hannity and blame a congresswoman from New York for the Green New Deal, which doesn’t exist" while Texans suffer in the cold.

Meanwhile, Ocasio-Cortez batted right back, tweeting that "The infrastructure failures in Texas are quite literally what happens when you don't pursue a Green New Deal."

Abbott has earned an avalanche of embarrassing coverage, including a story in the Washington Post with the headline: "Texas Gov. Greg Abbott blames wind turbines, Green New Deal policies for outages. Critics call that 'a lie.'"

It was sufficient for Abbott to call a press conference on February 17, where he "clarified" by saying that "if we did rely on green power, that would be a challenge."

It's human nature to try and find someone else to blame. AOC may be a great target for the Fox News crowd, but no one's watching Fox these days, and especially this week, what with not being able to turn on the TV due to a lack of power.

Abbott needs other boogeymen, and we're here to help with some suggestions, including some of the most classic favorite excuses.

Here are 5 excuses Gov. Abbott can devise for why this winter weather power outage nightmare is totally, definitely not his fault:

1. He forgot to unplug the iron before he went to bed.

2. He thought Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was taking care of this.

3. Witches. They don't exist, just like the Green New Deal he blamed, legislation that is for now still just an idea and has yet to be put in place.

4. His dog ate it.

5. Really, please, anybody else, just not him.