Tech Neck Cure

New Dallas yoga classes aim to cure condition of the tech obsessed

New Dallas yoga classes aim to cure condition of the tech obsessed

Person using a smart phone
"Tech neck": We all get it. Photo courtesy of Dallas Yoga Center

Be honest: Are you reading this on your phone? Even if you're on a tablet or laptop, you're still susceptible to the emerging condition known as "tech neck." It's become such a widespread health issue that doctors and chiropractors are cautioning people to take frequent breaks in order to relieve tension in their necks and shoulders.

Dallas Yoga Center is taking that one step further, being the first in the city to introduce yoga classes and workshops designed expressly to combat the negative effects of sitting and staring at gadgets all day.

"Sitting is the new smoking," states Dallas Yoga Center owner David Sunshine. "Too much time driving, texting, checking social media, and working at computers can cause a strained neck, sore shoulders and back, and an inflexible spine."

DYC instructor Jyl Kutsche has come to our rescue, creating a "Yoga for Neck and Shoulders" class as well as a therapeutic yoga workshop. Neither requires advanced knowledge — or any knowledge at all, really — of yoga, and students should expect to leave feeling looser and more balanced in their bodies.

The class is offered every Tuesday from noon to 1 pm at DYC's facility at 4525 Lemmon Ave. The workshops are less frequent, with the next one scheduled for April 17, 2-4 pm. The workshop cost is $35 if you pay before April 7, with the price rising $10 after. The class is included in DYC's new member pricing, which is two weeks of unlimited class access for $29, and then $39 for the first month. It's $89 a month after that.

And if it's not already obvious, smart phones are not allowed in the classroom.