City News Roundup

Donald Trump rally drops big surprises and more local news nuggets

Donald Trump rally drops big surprises and more local news nuggets

Donald Trump hat
The Fort Worth rally for Donald Trump dropped a couple of big ones. Photo via

The Dallas City Council studiously avoided making decisions on two big items this week, and Donald Trump was in town. Here's what happened in city news:

Exxxotica sues
Mayor Mike Rawlings and the seven city council members who voted to ban the Exxxotica convention from coming to Dallas got a second chance to save the city thousands of dollars. Exxxotica's lawyers offered the council a chance to reconsider the ban and not go to a lawsuit. "Exxxotica lawyer Roger Albright in the chamber like a predator stalking his weak and sick prey," tweeted council member Philip Kingston.

But the city council did not take them up on their offer. So Exxxotica filed a lawsuit. If Exxxotica doesn't get to do the event here, it will likely seek damages.

The seven council members who are potentially costing Dallas thousands in legal fees include Casey Thomas, Carolyn Arnold, Rickey Callahan, Tiffinni Young, Erik Wilson, Adam McGough, and Jennifer Staubach Gates. Don't be shy.

Whitewater punt
The city council bravely voted to do nothing for the time being about the Dallas Wave, the broken whitewater rafting feature in the Trinity River. If they don't do something, then the federal government may step in.

The city is working on a plan to get it fixed or removed by mid-2017.

Trinity lunch fest
Most politicians in Dallas were at the annual Trinity Commons luncheon on February 26. Mayor Mike Rawlings said that plans for the Trinity Parkway park can begin only after the road is finalized. That's supposed to happen in mid-March.

The process was supposed to be open to public input, but instead it has been shrouded in secrecy.

Trump was here
A rally held for Donald Trump in Fort Worth on February 26 was chock-a-block with big moments. Trump got an endorsement from Chris Christie. Creepy pastor Robert Jeffress showed up. So did some protesters.

If you missed it, it's on YouTube.

Tuesday vote
March 1 is voting day, which not only includes Super Tuesday action, but also elections for U.S. House districts and seats for the Texas Senate and House. In Dallas, Dwaine Caraway is running for Dallas County Commissioner. The League of Women Voters has an excellent summary with profiles of candidates for courts and railroad commissioner.