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No more jury duty for now: Dallas County cancels all jury trials until May

No more jury duty for now: Dallas County cancels jury trials until May

Cabell building
Earle Cabell building. Google Maps

If you have a jury summons, you won't have to come up with an excuse to get out of it: Out of precaution due to the coronavirus, Dallas County is cancelling all jury trials for Dallas County Criminal Courts, Civil Courts, and Justice of the Peace (J.P.) Courts through May 8.

According to a release, Dallas County citizens who've been summoned to appear at the Frank Crowley Criminal Courthouse, the George Allen Civil Courthouse, or a J.P. Court prior to May 8 should not report nor call to reschedule their service.

Additionally, Dallas County is asking attorneys representing individuals accused of crimes to check with the Court Managers Office on the process for continued representation of their clients during this time.

"We are taking the necessary steps to continue the justice system and keep you safe. I will extend these orders if necessary," said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins says in a statement.

Jail cases, jail pleas, and bond hearings will proceed as normal.

For bond cases, in-person disposition of bond cases will resume on May 11. Appearances for bond cases will be waived until May 8.

Some courts are accessible by Skype to provide a virtual option for any dispositive settings on both jail and bond cases; check with each individual court to determine if this is an option.

Jurors or summoned jurors with questions should contact Dallas County Jury Services at 214-653-3595. If individuals have questions about their summons or service at George Allen, please call 214-653-6233.

Dallas Municipal Court
The City of Dallas Municipal Court, located at 2014 Main St., is also rescheduling all trials, hearings, and jury duty to a later date. According to a release, there will be no civil or criminal trials or hearings such as pre-trial hearings, contested hearings, or show cause hearings, from March 18-May 8.

People with scheduled trials, hearings, or jury duty appearances will be notified by mail with a new date and time. For questions, call 214-670-0190 or chat with a court clerk online at

The City of Dallas Municipal Court Building will remain open. Walk-in courts and jail cases will proceed as normal. Staff is available to assist on clerical functions such as filings, answering questions, taking payments, records, and setting up payment plans.

Defendants seeking to resolve their citations without coming downtown can do so online at, by mail or phone by calling 214-670-0109 or 3-1-1.