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Dallas closes public park facilities and golf courses to ward off coronavirus

Dallas closes public park facilities and golf courses for coronavirus

Dallas National Golf Course
No golfing for now. Avid Golfer

In another effort to contain the coronavirus, Dallas has closed its park facilities including playgrounds, golf courses, and tennis centers.

According to a memo from city staff, Dallas Park and Recreation centers will be closed, effective March 17, IE today, and will be closed until further notice.

The closures were decreed by Mayor Eric Johnson and Dallas city manager T.C. Broadnax, to slow the spread of COVID-19, which they said was done "in an abundance of caution and to maintain social distancing."

Organized programs were also suspended including athletic field reservations.

Park signage restricting use of the equipment will be posted on March 18, by the end of day.

While use of the playground equipment is restricted, residents can still use trails and open-air areas. So any area where you can't touch.

"Our city needs the vibrancy and endurance," the memo says. "Unfortunately, we just cannot accept the risk o gathering large groups of people together at our parks. Hopefully by implementing strong measures now, we are able to successfully flatten the curve of COVID."