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Dallas deemed one of the country's 5 most diverse cities by new report

Dallas deemed one of the country's 5 most diverse cities by new report

Dallas skyline
Dallas ranks as one of the most diverse cities in America. Photo by Joe Daniel Price

The largest cities in Texas continue to be among the most diverse in the nation. Houston, Dallas, and Arlington all rank among America's 10 diverse cities for 2019, according to personal finance site WalletHub. 

Dallas, specifically, takes the fifth spot on the list, with a total score of 71.12. The site compared 501 of the most populated cities in America across five key dimensions: socioeconomic diversity, cultural diversity, economic diversity, household diversity, and religious diversity. The report drills down into metrics such as industry diversity, income, age, religious affiliation, education, language, worker class, and marital status.

"By 2050, many shifts will happen. For example, while non-Hispanic whites are expected to remain the largest ethnic group, they will no longer make up a majority of the population," the report says. "But America’s transformation is more than skin-deep — it’s economic, too. Not only have waves of immigration changed the face of the nation, they’ve also brought in fresh perspectives, skills and technologies to help the U.S. develop a strong adaptability to change."

While Dallas doesn't stand out in any one category, Big D scores best in industry diversity (No. 22), educational-attainment diversity (No. 30), and racial and ethnic diversity (No. 37). In socioeconomic diversity, Dallas ranks 107th. Its lowest score is in worker-class diversity (No. 423). 

Houston, with a total score of 71.6, is the most diverse city in the country, says WalletHub, moving up from the No. 2 spot, behind Jersey City, New Jersey, in 2018.

Not far behind Dallas, Arlington ranks No. 9, with 70.87 points. Dallas' neighbor scores best in racial and ethnic diversity (No. 17), industry diversity (No. 37), and cultural diversity (No. 41). In socioeconomic diversity, Arlington ranks 133rd. Its lowest score is in age diversity (No. 405).

Fort Worth comes in at No. 25, and further down the list are Austin (No. 42), Plano (No. 57), San Antonio (No. 62), Corpus Christi (No. 71), El Paso (No. 214), and Laredo (No. 463).

The least diverse city in America? The scenery apparently doesn’t change much in Provo, Utah, which comes in last on WalletHub’s list.