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4 dogs euthanized after biting woman near Dallas' Fair Park

4 dogs euthanized after biting woman near Dallas' Fair Park

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Four loose dogs attacked a woman. Photo by Nicole Raney

Four dogs were euthanized on April 16 after attacking a woman in Dallas' Fair Park neighborhood.

According to a police report, the woman was attacked early in the morning on April 15 while walking in the 4300 block of Hamilton Avenue, across from Starplex Pavilion.

She was attacked by four mixed-breed dogs. Two were pitbull terrier mixes; one was a Queensland Heeler mix, and the fourth was a Boxer mix.

The Dallas Police Department responded first. Dallas Animal Services (DAS) was on the scene within 20 minutes, and took the animals into custody. The dogs were surrendered to DAS by the owner on April 16 and were subsequently euthanized.

The victim is still recuperating in the hospital. Neighbors told WFAA that the dogs involved often jumped the fence around their yard or escaped through a hole in the gate.

The owner of the dogs was issued 16 tickets for violations associated with loose dogs, no rabies vaccine, no microchip, and not spayed/neutered.

An investigation is ongoing. The determination as to whether to pursue Serious Bodily Injury charges is currently being reviewed.

The attack took place less than a mile from a similar attack in 2016 on Antoinette Brown, who endured a brutal mauling by a pack of dogs on Rutledge Street. Brown spent a week in a medically induced coma before being taken off life support. The police closed the case without ever filing charges in her death.

A Dangerous Dog Task Force was created in January 2018 to try and strengthen laws and punishment for those who let their dogs run loose and are involved with bites, and has been meeting monthly since February.

They'll hold two more meetings on April 24 and May 1 at 3:30 pm at Dallas City Hall, in the L1FN Auditorium, and will make recommendations to the Dallas City Council on June 27.