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Americans value smartphones more than sex and more odd U.S. behavior

Americans value smartphones more than sex and more odd U.S. behavior

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Americans would rather be celibate than give up their cellphones. Fastcolabs.com

Prompted by the revelation that Americans would rather live without sex than without their smartphones, FinancesOnline.com took a closer look at a variety of survey results to compile a profile of weird American behavior.

Topping the list is the fact that 26 percent of Americans said they "couldn't live" without a cellphone; only 20 percent said the same about sex. Further proof of our phone obsession: 67 percent of U.S. cellphone users check their phones even if they're not ringing or vibrating.

In other news, 44 percent of us sleep with our phones, and 58 percent shack up with our cats or dogs.

In a 10-point uptick since 1970, 27 percent of Americans now live alone. Of those who share a household, there's an increasing likelihood of OCD — 43 percent of Americans have assigned seating in the living room.

As much as we complain about how complicated our tax code is, 52 percent of Americans believe filing taxes is actually easier than eating healthy. Food continues to be a source of confusion, as 67 percent of us wonder if our meal was produced in a sustainable way.

These odd statistics perhaps help to explain why about 70 percent of of psychological studies use Americans as subjects, even though the United States makes up only 12 percent of the world's population.