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Cars get submerged in floodwaters at Dallas Love Field Airport garage

Cars get submerged in floodwaters at Dallas Love Field Airport garage

Dallas Love Field flooding garage
Those are cars underwater. Photo courtesy of Chris Sadeghi/Twitter

Dozens of cars were submerged in a parking garage at Dallas Love Field, due to floodwaters from an intense storm that crossed Dallas-Fort Worth on April 23.

According to a release from the city, the airport experienced a flooding event at its lower level ground transportation and on the ground floor of Garage A due to heavy rains overnight from April 23 into the morning of April 24.

The airport closed the lower level to traffic and re-routed all transportation network companies, taxis, rental car shuttles, and other forms of ground transportation to the upper level roadway. Overflow water from Herb Kelleher Way and the lower level impacted the ground level of Garage A.

City staff is attempting to pump the water from the flooded areas. Additionally, Aviation and Stormwater Operations staff are assessing the stormwater drainage system that serves the lower areas of the airport to ascertain whether the flooding is being compounded by any obstruction in the stormwater system.

The terminal was not impacted; a floodwall system installed in 2014 functioned properly.

Local TV stations posted horrifying videos and photos on Twitter showing cars and trucks covered in water.

According to NBC DFW, the lower level of garages A and B had water rising up to the top of many vehicles, with garages that "looked like ponds" with crosswalks completely flooded. The airport got 3.30 inches of rain overnight.

A massive wave of thunderstorms moved through the area, unleashing up to 6 inches of rain in some places, leading to flooding across the area as well as downed trees, power outages, and stranded vehicles.

Many flights in and out of Love Field were also delayed or canceled, and at DFW Airport, as well.

Rain is expected to continue on Wednesday and Thursday.

Lower level ground transportation at Love Field will remain closed for the remainder of Wednesday. Passengers looking for buses and other ground transportation are advised to proceed to the upper level roadway. If you're driving to the airport, use Garage C.