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Downtown Dallas shop endorses print with new international newsstand

Downtown Dallas shop endorses print with new international newsstand

Tenoversix newsstand
Flowers on the left, printed things on the right. Photo courtesy of Tenoversix

Downtown Dallas boutique TenOverSix fills a cavity we did not know was empty: a need for international printed titles.

The Tim Headington shop has installed a newsstand, available in-store and online, filled with more than 50 independent magazines for sale, in categories of architecture, art, fashion, beauty, culture, design, entertaining, fashion, food, feminism, music, and travel.

Selections range from i-D to the Paris edition of Vogue to Paris Review.

According to a release, each title is hard to find and is hand-selected by TenOverSix president and creative officer Kristen Cole.

Cole hatched the idea while on a buying trip to Paris, which as we all know is where the best ideas always happen.

"I'm always lugging these publications home," she says in the release. "Why? I should be stocking great titles!"

Having these titles on hand would not only make Cole's trips to Paris less cumbersome, they would put Dallas in a league of other big cities, which is something Dallas always aspires to.

"When I lived in New York and Los Angeles these magazines were largely easy to access at good newsstands," she says. "Since moving to Austin, it's been a challenge to find the ones I love. I realized there was a similar hole in Dallas for curated content and wanted to fill that—pronto."

Pronto is how you do things in the Headington world.

TenOverSix is part of the Headington Companies' retail portfolio along with Forty Five Ten. It's the place to go if you are a lover of beautiful and original things including fashion, accessories, art, home design, beauty, music, books, films — and now international publications.

Cole makes a bold proclamation that goes against everything we've been told in recent years about media.

"Print is not dead!" she says. "There are people who’ll always appreciate the tactile quality and community aspect print brings to culture. The pendulum always swings back."

This is food for thought for CultureMap, which is an online digital publication only. Some might say the best online digital publication in all of Dallas and even Texas. Is it time to think print? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, the Joule's blog @1530Main is holding a contest where you can win a full year of magazines. All you need to do is follow them on Instagram.

Here's a list of the current international print titles they're stocking:

Alla Carta
A Magazine Curated By
Another Magazine
Another Man
Broccoli Magazine
Collectible Dry
Dapper Dan
Fantastic Man
Flash Art
Garage Magazine
Girls Like Us
L’Officiel 1000
L’Officiel Art
L’Officiel Voyage
L’Officiel Homme
Ms. Magazine
Purple Fashion
Puss Puss
Riot of Perfume
Romance Journal
Self Service
Strange Plants
The Gentlewoman
The Gourmand
The Happy Reader
The Paris Review
The Plant
The Travel Almanac
Under The Influence
Vogue Paris

In addition to the new newsstand, TenOverSix stocks a mix of designers and brands such as Acne, Tome, Nomia, Opening Ceremony, Maison Kitsune, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Ryan Roche. In addition to the Dallas store, there's a new store in Miami’s River Oaks district.