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Downtown Dallas freeway exit kindof like amusement park ride shutters

Downtown Dallas freeway exit kindof like amusement park ride shutters

Woodall Rodgers freeway
Woodall Rodgers Freeway, here we come. Google Maps

The other shoe drops: There's a high-profile freeway ramp in downtown Dallas used by drivers headed for downtown, Uptown, and destinations north that's about to be replaced.

The exit ramp that you used to take if you were driving southbound on I-35 and going to Woodall Rodgers Freeway is being closed down. The Texas Department of Transportation is opening a new exit ramp a half mile away.

The exit ramp is being permanently relocated to Hi Line Drive, a half mile north of the current exit ramp. The opening takes place on Saturday May 29 at 5 am.

The current ramp — which curved and soared in the air sort of like an amusement park ride — will be closed when the new ramp opens. Maybe it too will be like an amusement park ride. The old one was not exactly Six Flags, but it did have a certain wheee thing going on. Maybe all airborne freeway ramps are like amusement park rides?

Motorists are advised to plan ahead and be prepared to take the new exit at Hi Line Drive to get to Woodall Rodgers Freeway.

It used to be that you were practically at Woodall Rodgers when you took the exit. Now you'll have to get on the ramp way back — before you get to American Airlines Center, right after you pass the Oak Lawn exit, practically in the Design District.

This work is part of the $79 million Lowest Stemmons project to improve traffic flow and mobility on the existing highway, which the release says is currently the eighth-most congested highway segment in Texas. The project is part of TxDOT's Texas Clear Lanes effort to relieve congestion in major metropolitan areas and includes adding and relocating ramps.

This new ramp follows the relocation of the I-35E northbound to Dallas North Tollway exit ramp which took place on Saturday, May 22.

Like last time, they have a video designed to walk you through it, although its choice of perky music, all whistles and hand-claps, is more Andy Griffith Show than the last video's electronic/ambient music selection. Maybe they wanted to make this whole freeway ramp relo seem more cheerful.