Hermes or Vuitton?

Artless thief makes off with $20K in purses at Dallas resale shop

Artless thief makes off with $20K in purses at Dallas resale shop

Hermes Purse
Was a Hermes handbag part of her haul? Photo Courtesy Luxury Garage Sale

A rather artless theft took place at a Dallas resale shop, which was caught on camera, and the Dallas Police Department is seeking help in identifying the brazen thief.

On May 28 at 6:30 pm, the suspect entered a clothing store "in the 6100 block of Sherry Lane" in the northwest part of Dallas.

The police report does not identify the store, but any savvy shopper who views the video will recognize the unparalleled collection of fine designer goods at discount prices as being Clothes Circuit, which just so happens to be at 6105 Sherry Ln. It doesn't take a detective to figure this out.

In a video posted on the DPD's blog, the suspect can be seen casually wandering around the store as if she is shopping. She collects a few clothing items on hangers. While the video has no audio, you can see her chatting up the hapless sales person in what you eventually come to realize is a time-wasting ruse.

She then picks up two purses in a corny staged dilemma over which she likes best. Hmmm, the Hermes or the Louis Vuitton? Decisions decisions.

When another customer approaches the counter, the wily shoplifter gestures repeatedly to come forward in a seemingly generous act, as if to say, "You can go, I'm still deciding which of these $10,000 handbags I'll be buying." Utterly shameless.

The minute the sales woman shifts her attention to the other customer, the thief heads for the exit, clumsily running out of the store, with merchandise in hand.

According to the police, she gets into a black Chrysler 300. Her loot totals $20,000 in value.

The suspect is a black female around 30 years old. She stands about 5'10" tall and weighs around 190 pounds.

To help the cops catch this purse snatcher, check out the video which offers a pretty good view of what she looks like.

Anyone with information on this case or this suspect can contact Detective K.D. Janse, #6679 at 214-671-8066.