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Dallas police chief search draws 8 local and national applicants

Dallas police chief search draws 8 local and national applicants

Former Dallas Police Chief David Brown
Former Police Chief David Brown retired in 2016. Photo by Wyatt McSpadden

Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax has announced the official list of candidates who will interview for the position of new Police Chief. The position became empty following the 2016 departure of former Police Chief David Brown, who retired in September. The position has been occupied by interim chief David Pughes, who did not apply for the job.

Applicants include officers from within the Dallas police department, as well as officers from other major cities including Seattle, Detroit, and Los Angeles.

The candidate are:

•    Malik Aziz, Deputy Chief, Dallas Police Department
•    Carmen Best, Deputy Chief, Seattle Police Department
•    Steven Dye, Chief, Grand Prairie Police Department
•    U. Renee Hall, Deputy Chief, Detroit Police Department
•    Michel Moore, First Assistant Chief, Los Angeles Police Department
•    Luther Reynolds, Assistant Chief, Montgomery County (Maryland) Police Department
•    Gary Tittle, Assistant Chief, Dallas Police Department
•    Rick Watson, Deputy Chief, Dallas Police Department

Over a three-day period in July, Broadnax has assembled five panels comprised of various community stakeholders and partners, who will participate in the interview process. The timeline for that process is as follows:

July 10: Candidates will tour various police facilities and parts of Dallas and will attend a reception Monday evening with key community stakeholders.

July 11: The candidates will participate in panel interviews with partners in the law enforcement community, leaders from the faith-based community, members of the various police associations, advocates who lead police support groups, and other neighborhood and community leaders. The day will conclude with a citizen meet-and-greet from 6 to 8 pm in the second-floor foyer at Dallas City Hall.

July 12:  City Manager’s staff will interview the candidates.

The City Manager will determine next steps after the interview process is concluded.

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