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Dallas police department makes heroic rescue of German shepherd from freeway

Dallas police department makes heroic rescue of German shepherd

HOV Pooch
German shepherd wandering on I-35 south of downtown Dallas.  Photo courtesy of TXDOT
HOV pooch
Police car boxes in German shepherd and helps save its life. Photo courtesy of TXDOG
HOV Pooch
HOV pooch

The Dallas police department took heroic steps to rescue a German shepherd that was found wandering on I-35 during rush hour traffic on Wednesday morning.

The dog was first spotted on the Illinois exit at about 7:30 am, where motorists stopped and tried to assist the dog. But that only frightened the dog, who eventually made its way to the HOV lane.

The police department shut down the HOV lane at Loop 12, then boxed in the dog on either side, with one car driving backwards in the wrong direction.

The dog walked slowly down the lane until it reached a police car that had parked across the lane, blocking the dog in. By 8:30 am, Dallas Animal Services had arrived with a van. A stand-off took place for about 10 minutes, but the dog was eventually captured by an animal control officer and brought to safety.

WFAA traffic reporter Shane Allen documented the efforts of the police department on Twitter with a hashtag #HOVpooch.

"#HOVPooch now in a pickle as two @DallasPD officers trap him in. I hope he doesn't jump the barrier," Allen tweeted.

The animal services employee who rescued the dog was officer Eric Pogue.

UPDATE: According to a post from the Dallas Police Dept., the dog is a 10-year-old German shepherd who answers to the name "Elvis." The officers who helped save the dog were Charles Timmons and Sharifa Williams. The dog is currently at Dallas Animal Services, where he will be placed on hold for three days. If his owner doesn’t come and get him, he will be put up for adoption.