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Don't be fooled into giving money to this Dallas water utilities scam

Don't be fooled into giving money to this Dallas water utilities scam

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Don't be fooled by this water scam. DWU

There's a scam being perpetrated in which some Dallas water utility customers are getting calls and texts in both Spanish and English indicating their water is being disconnected, with the caller asking for payment.

According to a release, the Dallas Police Department has become aware of a scam currently being circulated by phone in which fraudsters have somehow created a spoof phone account that shows up on caller ID as Dallas Water Utilities (DWU).

The fraudsters tell DWU customers that their water service will be disconnected if they do not make a payment.

The number that appears on the Caller ID is the DWU's main line phone number: 214-651-1441. But it's not DWU.

It's bogus because DWU does not call customers who are delinquent on their utility bill. They only inform customers through the mail with a written notice.

According to a DPD spokesperson, they know of three victims so far, although there may be more who have not reported the scam.

They don't know who is responsible for the scam.

The Dallas Police Department Financial Investigations Unit is warning the public. If you receive such a call, take one of the following steps:

  • Email your complaint to or call 214-671-3543. (Although it's a recording and no one answers but presumably, they'll call back.)
  • If you don't have access to email, go to your nearest substation to file a report.

If you've already been suckered into making a payment, you can file a theft report using the DPD's Online Police Report System at