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Dallas police officers shoot and kill 2 suspects in as many days

Dallas police officers shoot and kill 2 suspects in as many days

For the second day in a row, Dallas police officers have shot and killed a suspect while attempting to make an arrest. One incident involved an unarmed man; the other included a knife.

The first incident occurred around 6 pm on Sunday, August 10. Andrew Scott Gaynier, a 26-year-old white man, was reportedly "making lewd comments" to women in the 100 block of North Windomere Avenue. Dallas police officer Antonio Hudson was off duty at the time but responded to the 911 call as part of an extended neighborhood patrol.

According to police, Gaynier approached a van with a family inside and tried to gain entry. Hudson reportedly told Gaynier to "show his hands," but he refused and instead "moved toward the officer in a manner perceived to be dangerous." That's when Hudson shot Gaynier.

He was pronounced dead at Methodist Hospital. Police believe Gaynier was unarmed but said video footage from the shooting confirms that the suspect rushed the officer. 

Less than 24 hours later, another Dallas police officer shot a suspect to death. A knife-wielding man was tazed and shot before dying in the 3600 block of Espanola Drive.

Police responded to a family violence call around 10:30 am August 11. According to police, the 18-year-old Latin male approached an officer in the front yard of the home while holding two knives. The officer "retreated down the block" and told the suspect to drop his weapons.

When he refused, the officer shot him. Apparently, the gunshot didn't satisfactorily subdue the teen. 

"Responding cover officers subsequently tazed the suspect because he remained combative. The suspect involved is deceased. No officers were injured," Dallas police said in a statement. 

Per department policy, the officers involved in both shootings have been placed on administrative leave. 

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Dallas police officers have recently killed two different suspects under arrest.