Dangerous dog arrest

Dallas makes first ever arrest of owner for dangerous dog attack

Dallas makes first ever arrest of owner for dangerous dog attack

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For the first time, Dallas arrested an owner of a dangerous dog. iStock

In the first arrest of its kind, the Dallas Police Department arrested a dog owner for a dangerous dog attack. Alicia Hernandez, 64, was arrested on August 12 for the offense of Attack by Dangerous Dog, a felony charge.

The attack occurred on August 6 at about 7 am, when a 38-year-old female was attacked by a 65-pound tan and black pit bull on Rosewood Avenue. The victim sustained serious bodily injury, including puncture wounds to her leg, a large portion of flesh removed from the outside of her right calf, and cuts on her hands, wrist, and chest.

The victim was taken to Parkland Hospital and treated for her injuries.

After the attack, the dog ran back through the gate and into the fenced yard; police saw that the gate was not secured, and the dog was seized by Dallas Animal Services. He remains in the shelter.

According to Animal Services records, the same dog had previously jumped the fence and attacked another female on July 9. That victim was treated at Parkland Hospital for bites to the right side of her ribs, but did not sustain serious bodily injury. Dallas Animal Services seized and quarantined the dog for 10 days and cited Hernandez. She regained custody of the dog on July 19, but steps were being taken to declare the animal as a "Dangerous Dog."

Hernandez had a history: She was previously cited for seven violations in 2010, including animal-at-large. An investigation revealed that the owner was criminally negligent and was aware of the risk to the public by her dogs. She was transported to Lew Sterrett Justice Center and is being held on a $5,000 bond.