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Guy intentionally crashes car into Fox 4 building in downtown Dallas

Guy intentionally crashes car into Fox 4 building in downtown Dallas

West End in Dallas
The Fox 4 building is not far from Dallas' West End. West End

On September 5, bright and early at 6 am, a guy in a car decided to ram his vehicle into the Fox 4 studio in downtown Dallas.

According to a release from the Dallas Police Department, officers responded to a call regarding a vehicle crash at 400 N. Griffin St.

The call was quickly upgraded to a major disturbance call when it was determined that the suspect had intentionally crashed into the building multiple times. No one inside the building was injured.

Fox 4 posted a video of the incident and its aftermath on Facebook.

Officers arrived on scene shortly after the call came out and took the suspect into custody without incident. The officers who made contact with the suspect said he was talking and rambling, but did not make any sense.

The suspect had strewn papers around the outside of the building with information about an officer involved shooting that happened in another city. It does not appear the suspect was directly targeting the media in this incident.

The suspect was transported to Parkland Hospital for evaluation. He has been released and transported to Lew Sterrett Jail. He has been identified as Michael Chadwick Fry, a 34-year-old white male, and has been charged with a second degree felony Criminal Mischief.

The papers strewn about had notes referring to a 2013 incident between Fry and another man, as well as "high treason" and "witchery" by "mobs of female sheriffs."

The Dallas Police Bomb Squad was called to the scene as well. The suspect had removed a bag from his vehicle after the crash and placed it near the building. The Bomb Squad was called to check the bag. The bag, the suspect vehicle, and the area surrounding the Fox 4 building were cleared and no suspicious devices were found.