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Football fans from this North Texas college score an A+ in grammar

Football fans from this North Texas college score an A+ in grammar

TCU Football
TCU is not only doing well in the NCAA standings this year, according to Grammarly.  Photo courtesy of Yahoo! Sports

A website dedicated to proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation has found a pocket of wisdom among fans at a North Texas college.

Grammarly, which makes products that correct spelling mistakes, teamed up with Geoff Foster, of the Wall Street Journal's “The Count” sports column, to see which AP top 25 college football teams had the most educated-sounding fans.

If your team is TCU, you're doing quite well (not "good"): Horned Frog fans come in at No. 2.

Foster and Grammarly sifted through SB Nation's official college football team blogs to come up with the list. They rated it on how many mistakes commentors make per 100 words. TCU scored an impressively low 1.61 mistakes, way ahead of its Big 12 opponent Baylor (ranked No. 23 with 5.47 mistakes).

Auburn ran away with the top spot, logging only 0.89 errors.

Oddly, universities with higher academic rankings didn't have fans with higher writing standards. US News ranks Auburn at No. 103 in its 2015 Best Colleges report, but Auburn fans showed impressive grammar chops, edging out top-ranked colleges like Stanford (No. 4) and Notre Dame (No. 16).