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Dallas suburb maintains position as one of America’s best cities for families

Dallas suburb maintains position as one of America’s best for families

Downtown Plano
Plano is the fourth best city for families in America, according to WalletHub. Photo courtesy of City of Plano

If you are raising kids in North Texas, there is only one place to be, at least according to a new study. WalletHub renewed its list of the best and worst cities for families, and Plano ranks right up there.

When compared to the 150 most populated U.S. cities, the northern Dallas suburb is the fourth best for family friendliness. However, that’s two notches lower than last year. But chin up, Plano! You’re still within the top five.

Wallethub analysts looked at 36 key metrics, including the relative cost of housing, the quality of local school and health care systems, crime rates, and opportunities for fun and recreation. Plano ranked first for most affordable housing, second for highest median family salary, fourth for lowest percentage of families below the poverty rate, and fifth for the lowest divorce rate. 

One other North Texas town lands in the top 20: Grand Prairie, at No. 13.

Looking beyond the top 20, we see other Lone Star locales such as Amarillo (24), Austin (33), and Arlington (37). Not too shabby. Within the top 60 are Garland (44), Irving (46), Lubbock (52), El Paso (55), Fort Worth (56), and San Antonio (60).

However, Dallas and Houston didn’t fare as well, coming in at Nos. 94 and 95, respectively. But they aren’t nearly as bad as Birmingham, Alabama, aka the worst city in America for families.

And the best? Overland Park, Kansas, yet again.