No Straws

Dallas-Fort Worth airport gives plastic straws the heave-ho

Dallas-Fort Worth airport gives plastic straws the heave-ho

These are on their way out. Photo courtesy of

Joining a snowballing environmental movement, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is phasing out single-use plastic straws.

The airport announced the new ban via tweet, with a video detailing its decision.

According to their figures, more than 4 million straws are used at the airport annually, amounting to almost 2 tons of plastic. The video notes that straws cannot be recycled, and may end up in a landfill or the ocean.

According to the airport, this change has been in process for some time, as part of its efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

"Most vendors will have an alternative to plastic straws; this can include lids designed to be strawless," the airport stated.

DFW joins a growing number of airports and airlines that have banned plastic straws, including American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and United Airlines. Dubai will eliminate plastic straws in all airports by 2020.

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was also considering an airport-wide ban on plastic straws, as well as a ban on plastic bags and styrofoam, part of a city-wide initiative.

In August, San Francisco International Airport took it to the next level with a ban on single-use plastic water bottles. The airport has installed more than 100 free water-filling stations for glass or aluminum bottles.

Numerous cities have also instituted city-wide bans, most recently Miami, which is banning straws as well as plastic stirrers.